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c'utie pitu'ty

ugh just making sure these quotes work out. Tom its gonna be a whole new f'n hting.

Oh my Word


One of the enduring influences the Star Wars saga has had in popular culture is the idea of the fictional Jedi values being interpreted as a modern ph



The Jedi influence begins with the lyrics from "American Pie", This'll be the day that I die changed to Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi.

ok three more

Albert Brookes

Disciplined and experienced, Jedi Knights become so only when they have completed "the trials" (final tests).

Hey NOw

Darth Sidious

In the Star Wars saga, the Jedi Temple is the official Jedi headquarters/school/monastery for Jedi. Located in the "Galactic City," the capital, Corus

Eaton Beaver

Curly Pubes

The temple has five towers, the tallest is Tranquillity Spire, that are stylistically similar to the minarets surrounding the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul


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Gray Jedi is the term that refers to Force Users in the Expanded Universe who have left either the Jedi Order or the Sith and do not believe that ther



Within the Star Wars universe, the Jedi are usually portrayed as dressed in simple robes and carrying specialized field gear for their missions. The m

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Remedy Jars

The word "Jedi" may be derived from the Japanese word "Jidaigeki" (時代劇) which translates as "period adventure drama"